Exchange for the Decentralized World

The Hub of Crypto Decentralized Finance Space.

Feature 01

Low Trade Fees

Bringing the best possible fee structure in the industry + additional discount on holding ZDEX Tokens.

Feature 02

Zero Gas Fees on Trading

There is zero Gas Fees for Trading on Zeedex BSC since fees paid in Quote Tokens. Gas Fees is in Quote Tokens on Zeedex ETH.

Feature 03

No Deposit & Withdrawal

Your funds always remain in your wallet, even when you have a limit order on the Zeedex Orderbook.

Feature 04


Take part in Staking pools and everything remains on-chain.

Feature 05


Lend and Borrow Tokens that participate in the Ecosystem or upcoming margin trading.

Feature 06


Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings is a core part of Zeedex enabling users to buy presales based on ZDEX holding.


Zeedex is a DEX with off-chain match making and on-chain settlements. Trade with zero gas fees. Enjoy, zeedex is depositless and non custodial, limit orders created on user side, so funds are safu.

Features of
  • Limit Orders
  • Trade With Zero Gas Fees
  • On-Chain Settlement
  • Realtime Trading

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